Christmas is Around the Corner & I am Coming Home.

Come this 25th December like every year, Santa will come to your home- no matter what it takes!

Your wishes will come true this year too! Like it happens every other year. Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Ever Since our childhood days, we know that Santa comes to our home just before Christmas night to deliver gifts and fulfill our wishes. Do we understand the hidden messages behind all those gifts Santa delivers to you? Maybe or maybe not. But wishes on every Christmas bring joy and happiness to our hearts.

At this age of mine, I still feel the warmth and affection Christmas gifts brought to me since my childhood days. This year on Christmas- I want to thank Santa for the love and affection he showered on me and so many other uncountable persons on this lovely planet.

Santa’s Hidden Messages

Every year on Christmas Santa showers blessings on our children and us for the last so many years. But have we ever tried to see what message Santa delivered apart from awesome gifts? No, because we just indulge in celebrations during this holiday season.

I see that my wishes get fulfilled every year. No matter what. Some take time and some get fulfilled immediately. Even if any of my wishes don’t get fulfilled-there may be good reasons behind it.

I want you to go back to recall your wishes of last year and see if any of your wishes get fulfilled or not. I am sure most of you feel the same way I feel. Some of you will say, yes may not be the same way I expected but in a different way or maybe better than I thought. It happened to me also and I am very happy about it.

Miracles come in many different ways and it shows us that God does exist. At times I felt that whatever happened in my life, it happened in the best possible way. So, it shows that God showers blessings on us in the best possible way than we think.

As Christmas is just around the corner, thoughts pop up in my mind about the gifts God sent to me via Santa every year. As also I carefully looked through gifts Santa delivered, it came with so many hidden messages. Most were unnoticed at first glance. I looked through my wishes for the past year and checked whether any of those wishes were fulfilled during the same year.

I came to the conclusion that most of my wishes were fulfilled if not the same way then in the best possible way. Of course, some of my wishes were left out but it’s all for my good.

So, God helps us only if we see carefully and take the right path. He shows us the right path only if we take things positively.

Santa is also coming this year to your home. Just remember that God delivers some hidden messages with fabulous gifts this Christmas!

Cherish what we have and spread happiness around us

I find myself the luckiest person on this planet. Because I got all the lovely things anybody would love to have. What are those lovely things? Those lovely things are love, happiness, care, purpose, know-what is right, and society to live.

I thank God every day for showering thy blessings on me. For giving me life — For giving me the best mother and a father. I am happy because I have a good family life. I have a companion as my wife, a beautiful daughter, and an adorable son. All because of God’s blessings on me. I take this opportunity on this Christmas and forever to thank God and pray for all who matter to me for the life I have.

Being happy is a state of mind, and you can be happy only if you want to be happy. I am happy because I have people in my life who are happy and abundant with high hopes for the future. You can overcome any obstacles if you have positive people by your side.

This time of the year when Christmas is near, I want you to share positive vibes with the people who matter to you. Take time to thank those people who did good to you. Take stock of your blessings for the year and pass on those blessings to others. Who knows? Your blessings can bring miracles in someone’s life as they did for you.

Let us all be a carrier of God’s hidden good messages towards our society rather than the carrier of a virus. This planet has plenty to offer and spreading happiness all around us can only increase positivity than negativity. Negativity can only kill us, but positivity leads us to a better new life. Remember that God shows us a path through someone we know or unknown. Being on a path shown by God is the path that leads us to God.

You can share your feelings with your loved ones and shed the burden of the past. It makes us a lot lighter not by weight but by mood.

Being happy and positive can send good vibes to others and benefit all in society.

Take stock of your sorrows and happiness

The past year took a toll on us as a pandemic took us by storm. Many of us lost loved ones and dependents. I am thankful to God for keeping me safe, but at the same time, I pray for those who lost their parents. I am referring to infants and dependable kids. Many of us want to help those who lost their parents but couldn’t. I salute those who took the time to save those little ones and help them to carry on their lives.

This pandemic became brutal by taking the lives of many in the past year. Especially for dependent kids, it’s not easy to cope up with.

It’s the time of celebration with our loved ones and family. But at the same time, we should look at our last year’s sorrows and happiness quotients. Shedding worries of the past and looking forward to a good future makes you feel positive. I follow simple rules to take stock of my sorrows and happiness when year- end is around the corner.

I try to forget what caused worry and overcome my sorrows of the past. Taking along good memories for the coming year is definitely a morale booster for me.

Giving time to overcome and forget your unhappiness over an issue takes time. But it is very much possible as time passes by. I always try to change my perspective if things don’t work out as expected. I always think that whatever happens, that happens for the best — for most of the cases though. Exceptions are always there but we can hardly do anything about it. Things that are not in our control and if we try to push hard; it can only make things go worse.

Forgive, forget and move on. Life has many unexpected good things to offer. You need to see the hidden message God delivers for you.

Take the path of happiness and what makes you happy. Follow your intuition and you won’t regret anything in life.

My return gift to Santa this coming Christmas

As Christmas is around the corner and I want to take this opportunity this year to thank ‘Santa Claus’. For endless joy, happiness, gifts, and grace showering on me and my family.

Thank you for delivering God’s hidden messages along with gifts you gave me on every Christmas eve for the last so many years. I wish you love, kisses, and lots of hugs for the selfless love you showered on me. Whatever it may take? You will always show up during Christmas! Hey Santa Claus! Carry on, carry on, carry on…

Once again Christmas is here and I got an early hidden message from God. I tried to figure out things on my own but I found it better to spread it across to you. We always lend our hand to help out others to whatever extent we can. But this time, we need to pay special attention to infants and dependent children. Especially, who lost their single or both parents due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You can imagine how difficult it is to live without your loved ones. It is much more difficult for younger ones to cope up with this difficult situation.

Let us reach out to those children who need our care and support the most during this crisis situation. We cannot bring back their loved ones but we can lend them our shoulder to shed worries and move on with life. Every penny spent on these needy children not only will make us happy but it will make our God happy. So lend them our helping hand and say that we are here for you.

God is everywhere but when Jesus wants to help, he sends someone from us. Take on my words. Our gentle gesture of helping needy children will make Jesus Christ and Mother Mary happier than anything else on this Christmas.

We can bring happiness to these needy and privileged children by helping them to start their new life.

Even taking a small step by us can lead to overcoming sorrows and sadness pandemic forced on us.

Christmas is Around the corner

Christmas is around the corner and I am taking time to write a thank you card to Santa. I am sending a thank you card to my nearby church. Are you? If you think and feel the same way I do. Send a thank you card to show Jesus that we care and love. Thank you once again for the love and care Jesus Christ bestowed on me. Now and forever…




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Sanket Somaiya

Sanket Somaiya

Freelance Finance Writer —

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